Mobility is highly important not only for railway transport. Technological connectivity in connection with all railway technology offers is also becoming visionary. On-track, side-track and off-track – comprehensive networking in all areas is moving ahead fast to provide maximum high-convenience access and usage for all rail travelers. With our experience in the rough railway environment with shock and vibration, but also in control terminals and systems for facilitating rail travel, our ideas and products come into their own.


POLYRACK is on the move on the railways. Products and solutions can be found in trains and passenger cars worldwide and are constant companions.

High demands are placed on rail vehicles. In addition to the features of safety, comfort, control and function, the main focus is on a long service life. Important aspects in the interaction of all integrated products on the rail for a reliable ride. Networking in all areas continues to progress steadily, for the greatest possible convenience and benefit for all concerned. Innovative strength and experience in the harsh environment of railroad technology with shock and vibration are our driving force. Reliable solutions for the interior and exterior of rail vehicles are our ambition.

Passenger Information System

Visualization of information and instantaneous recognition enhance the comfort factor.

Remote I/O

Transmission and processing of data are indispensable requirements in the movement of every train. A safe journey is guaranteed by the recording of a wide range of parameters.

Onboard Repeater Equipment (CSR, Tetra, GSM-R, GSM 900/GSM 1800 / UMTS)

Communication with the outside world determines our present. Accessibility and use of various electronic media is of great importance.

Train Network WTB – MVB – IP – CAN – LON – Ethernet

The connection in the train meets different fieldbus connections and protocols and is responsible for processing within the data network.


POLYRACK is present next to the rail. The special attention is devoted to the constantly growing control and safety in rail transport.

Locomotion is of great importance for rail transport. Efficient forms of mobility must meet high technical requirements. Technological connectivity around rail technology in the interaction of all systems beyond European borders is taking on visionary traits. A standardized platform for uniform communication is essential for unrestricted travel. Safety in ever tighter cycles is taking on a new significance. We accompany the constant change in direct contact with users with innovative developments as the answer for an intelligent rail network.


System for the management and control of railway traffic with the aim of creating a unified and standardised train control system in Europe. The ERTM S (European Railway Traffic Management System) consists of the train control system ET CS (European Train Control System) and the GSM-R mobile radio system. The ET CS train control system is a fundamental component of the European rail traffic management system ERTM S and prevents a train from entering too fast or entering a busy / occupied track section.

Mini LEU

The Trainguard MiniLEU (Line Equipment Unit) is designed for existing systems with ET CS for retrofitting in a fast, costeffective and environmentally friendly way. The MiniLEU is used for communication with track-bound vehicles and the connected centres in addition to the track line.

Tunnel Repeater

The repeater provides coverage of passenger areas in carriages by amplifying signals received from outside the train. This ensures continuous and seamless communication within the train.


POLYRACK can be found in many ways in and around railroad stations. Our solutions are present in very different applications.

Stations, platforms and stops are the lifelines of rail transportation. User-friendly facilities show the way and facilitate orientation in an ever more closely timed process. Simple operation and visual exchange are defining requirements and common practice for the user. Flexibility in surface design and background of the displays is a must for the provider. Design and construction are accompanying factors in close coordination with the manufacturer.

Ticket vending machine / handheld

Vending machines, operating and control terminals can be found everywhere. High robustness against vandalism combined with user-friendliness are just some of the features. Due to the ever-increasing benefits in exchange with mobile phones, terminals are increasingly contributing to our comfort. This also includes electronic reading and checking devices for ticket control in local public transport.

PanelPC / HMI / LED Display

Advertisements not only serve the purpose of advertising, but often facilitate orientation or point the way. The actuality of the advertisement is guaranteed by the networked control. The constant exchange of information and communication with people requires appropriate equipment and Interfaces. Displays in various forms and technologies provide relevant information and are important indicators in our environment.

Passenger Announcement / Information System

Besides visual orientation, voice announcements are an important component and omnipresent travel companion.


POLYRACK serves other requirements in the field of transportation. Solutions in the environment of locomotion, mobility, safety and comfort complete our offer.

The Transportation division does not define itself exclusively in terms of railroads. Solutions are to be found upstream and downstream, as well as in the direct environment of rail applications. Innovations and developments do not stop at the railways, but are extended in a variety of meaningful ways. The result is products that have a direct or indirect influence on safe and comfortable transportation.

Video Surveillance & Security / Traficam

Monitoring for safety is the main focus. Today, the technology goes far beyond the platform. Crowds of people have to be controlled in the same way as the actual railway operation. The monitoring and control of road junctions promotes the flow of traffic and has a steering effect on efficient movement. Product solutions made of plastic, aluminium cast or a mix of materials offer high flexibility for the respective application.

Bus network

Buses are a widespread form of mobility in cities and rural areas. Digital applications make passenger transport easier and more user-friendly for the guest. This means more safety for the operator and improved service for the users.

Rugged Air-Cooled VME System

The lightweight housing is designed for high performance applications in industrial environments with harsh environmental conditions. The case is very versatile and individually adaptable to the requirements, both mechanically and by integrating electronic components with a wide range of input and output interfaces.