POLYRACK supports the exchange of messages and information in the interaction of the world – in speech, sound, words and image

Our immediate environment and the world are subject to a continuously closer networking. Technical progress through new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and the optical fiber network allowed increasing transmission rates. As a result, the demands on hardware and software are being redefined. Unknown and new applications facilitate communication and bring users together in a variety of ways. Our daily life and aspirations require a high-speed data highway.


Network-connected or wireless modems are the link into the World-Wide-Web and the entrance into the world of communication

Router / Switch

A networked interconnection must be created for data communication. This is supported by routers within networks and switches between different devices in a network


Networks have a multifaceted nature with different definitions of use. This includes both telephone and radio networks, but also computer and sensor networks.