We are closely dedicated and engaged in sponsoring cause the sporting spirit and the similarities between the high-performance world of sports and business. We are committed to support regional sport teams as well as individual athletes in the realization of their goals.

POLYRACK supports the gymnastics club KTV Straubenhardt as the main sponsor, which is the figurehead in the sportive life of the Straubenhardt community. The main team is a member of the German premier gymnastics league and was able to win the national championship seven times over the past years.

The first team has been competing in the 1st Bundesliga for many years and has already won the championship eight times. In addition to the national league team and the second team, which competes in the second national league, the work with young talent also plays an important role. The KTV Straubenhardt's greatest potential lies in its youth, which is why the promotion of its own talents lays the foundation for sporting success in the future.

Marcel Nguyen

(Gymnast of KTV Straubenhardt, Member of the German national team and two-time silver medal winner at Olympic Games)

„POLYRACK is like a family to me. We have a friendly connection and partnership for many years now. For professional athletes like me it is extremely important to have such loyal and passionate supporters.

The values of POLYRACK and my attitude towards my sport and life have made our relationship authentic from day one.”


POLYRACK is also supporting the local soccer club, SPVGG Coschwa, as a main sponsor since 2019. The soccer youth work in Straubenhardt is centralized and organized in the JFV Straubenhardt – Youth Foundation Soccer Club – which is also supported by POLYRACK as a premium partner

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