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Across industries and international - the basics for any product development

The market success of a product depends primarily on a fast and reliable development. We are firmly convinced of this, which is why our development and manufacturing processes are based on this accomplishment.

We have identified the challenge that we can only meet product requirements if our company converts the know-how from many different sectors and encourages a high degree of internationalization.

The POLYRACK TECH-GROUP works within all areas, but particularly in engineering, design and layout and trained highly qualified staff. This guarantees an optimum level of knowledge implementing product. This knowledge also embraces international requirements, such as for example, compliance with special fire resistance rating standards for plastic parts.

The world and our environment are dependent on constant intercommunication. The optical fiber network is continually being extended with ever increasing transmission rates. As a result, hardware and software requirements have to be newly defined. A diverse and changing market, typical for POLYRACK's flexible approach with its many years of experience in telecommunications.

Individual components and systems to which patients entrust their lives. Medical device manufacturers quite rightly make utmost demands with regard to quality and reliability. We develop and manufacture subassemblies in a material mix out of sheet metal and plastic with finishing. Our know-how in the manufacturing of multicomponent assemblies and extremely fine apertures and structures inures to the benefit of medical engineering.

From high-precision connector housings and engine covers to monitor covers and more besides: Thanks to our broad technological know-how, we can offer economic solutions for complex tasks for plastic and sheet metal parts in automotive engineering. Our machine construction also offers services that are optimally geared to efficient volume production, such as devices and systems for sprue removal or complete injection molding automation.

Mobility is highly important not only for railway transport. Technological connectivity in connection with all railway technology offers is also becoming visionary. On-track, side-track and off-track – comprehensive networking in all areas is moving ahead fast to provide maximum high-convenience access and usage for all rail travelers. With our experience in the rough railway environment with shock and vibration, but also in control terminals and systems for facilitating rail travel, our ideas and products come into their own.

Starting right from material selection, POLYRACK offers individual components and systems for industrial control and communication. The company produces customized applications in the desired assembly and design based on existing, scalable and modular packaging series. Typical examples of products for this industrial sector include industrial computers, DIN rail modules, rack mount systems and panel PCs as well as solutions made of a material mix of plastic, sheet metal and casting.

POLYRACK is a system partner for the construction of robust, yet light system applications that are highly resistant to shock, vibration and heat. Our experienced R&D engineers turn customer-specific mechanical, electronic and thermal requirements into customized solutions with the interaction of all system components.

Daily life often runs like a film. Only the screen changes. Whether in private life or in the professional environment: monitors and images are everywhere, and electronics too are everywhere in their continually advancing and high-resolution complexity and speed to the benefit of the viewer. Behind all of this are systems that reflect POLYRACK's expertise - in modules, terminals, monitors and embedded computer solutions.

In the extraction and processing of oil and gas, even the smallest technical dysfunction can present significant consequences for the machinery, people and the environment. Environmentally compatible thinking in terms of efficiency and resource management are additional essential aspects. POLYRACK supports you in the development and construction of all applications that have to do with the energy sector to guarantee the sustainable functioning of your application.


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