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Choose from our standard overview of 19"-Subracks.                                                                                  

Serie Future

Future series

The Future series is designed for different shielding concepts and applications and can be individually configured. The securing of the stable rails with two screws as well as the tox joined version of the side plates allows the use of the subrack in harsh environments (vibration resistance). The positioning of the rails in the 10-mm increments permits dual mounting.


Serie Future X

Future X series

The FutureX series is a cost-optimized product that is designed for lower mechanical stress. This cost reduction is due to the use of rails with a lighter construction. Thanks to the different shielding concepts for the 19" subracks, the shielding can be configured individually.

Future X

Serie FerroRAIL

FerroRAIL series

The 19" subrack series FerroRAIL was developed specially for French SNCF railway applications. Based on the Future series, which complies with the LES-DB of the German Railway Deutsche Bahn, the specific requirements for fulfillment of the French standards have been implemented.


Serie 75

Series 75

The subrack Series 75 is a cost-effective and easy-to-assemble alternative, using one-piece extruded side plates with integrated 19" mounting brackets. It is used for mounting single and double Eurocards. The horizontal rails can be mounted in 30-mm increments.

Series 75

Serie 76

Series 76

The subrack Series 76 is particularly suitable for panel mounted applications. Thanks to the use of a single-piece panel front rail its appearance is particularly appealing. Horizontal rails can be mounted in 30-mm increments.

Series 76

Serie 77

Series 77

The subrack Series 77 is furnished with two-piece side plates, which makes it particularly suitable for individual processing and customized dimensions. Hem-bend side plates allow mounting in cases and cabinets on slide rails. The horizontal rails can be mounted in 30-mm increments.

Series 77

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