Produkte & Leistungen

// Product variety / Manufacturing technologies

The product variety of Rapp plastics technology ranges from simple to complex plastic parts.


Manufacturing technologies

− Process-controlled injection molding;

   performance category of injection molding machines (see machinery)

− Metalization of plastics engineering

− Ultrasonic welding

− 5-axis and conventional milling techniques

− Electric discharge machining, turning, grinding

− Comprehensive test and measurement systems



2K-Technologies (more components part)

- Implementation within the tool

- Rotary disk tool

- Basic pullback technology


Plastic part with back-molding

- Customer specific surface design

- 3-dimensional design

- Increased surface scratch resistance


TSG / Mu-Cell (foamed plastic parts)

Die casting after ad-on of chemical foaming agents

- Weight reduction

- Form stability, avoidance of shrink marks

- Assembly of thick-wall parts

- More freedom of scope of the parts


Insert technology

- Insert molding of axes, bushes and stamping parts

- Insert molding of metal blanks


Surface part / visible part

Specific in-mold surface treament

- Polished surface

- Etched structures

- Lucent surfaces