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// Plastics Technology



Part of the wide range of products and services that POLYRACK TECH-GROUP offers is the development of plastic solutions. Starting with prototyping and tooling, we pursue a comprehensive manufacturing process for thermoplastic parts.


Products and services

− Tool design and construction

− Thermoplastic parts

− Back-molded plastic parts

− Thermoplastic foam rubber molding

− Mulit-component technology

− Prototype parts (stereolithography, selective laser sintering, vacuum casting, 3D Print)

− Custom machine engineering / insert molding


Manufacturing technologies

− Process-controlled injection molding; performance category of injection

  molding machines (clamping force): 25 t, 50 t, 100 t, 200 t, 400 t, 650 t and 1300 t

− Metalization of plastics parts

− Ultrasonic welding

− 5-axis and conventional milling techniques

− Electric discharge machining, turning, grinding

− Comprehensive test and measurement systems

− Individual assembly and packaging systems

Typical materials

− Technical plastics (PA, POM, PC, ABS, PMMA, PBT also with glass fiber or glass balls)

− Bulk plastics (PE, PP, PS)

− High-performance plastics (PPS, LCP, PSU)


Weight per part

− 0.5 – 6000 g