// Sponsoring

The KTV Straubenhardt (KTV is the German abbreviation for gymnastics association) is the figurehead in the sportive life of the town of Straubenhardt. The main team is a member of the highest gymnastics division of Germany. POLYRACK is the main sponsor of the KTV Straubenhardt. 

In addition, the KTV fields several budding gymnasts in the federal and local squad.

The youth represents the most potential of the KTV Straubenhardt. Sponsoring own talents is the headstone for success in sports in the future.

The association counts more than 30 sponsors; one of them is POLYRACK TECH-GROUP. They all make it possible to have professional budding training as well as the establishment of the 1. and 2. squad in the German Bundes League (1. and 2. highest gymnastics division in Germany).


 " I like people with a sporting spirit, because they are ambitious and good team players."

Horst Rapp

 " Winners need reliable partners."

Thomas Taranu - German Champion 2010 on the rings as well as third place on multi-discipline and floor. Thomas Taranu is an active gymnast in the KTV Straubenhardt (1st German League).