// History


1979 POLYRACK ElectronicFoundation of the POLYRACK Electronic-Aufbausysteme GmbH as the first company of the group.

1981 Foundation office buildingFirst office building in Straubenhardt, Germany (1.300qm).

1990 RAPP surface TreatmentBuilding: the present HQ in Straubenhardt, Germany. (2.500qm/total 3.800qm).

1993 RAPP KunststofftechnikSöllingen,Germany (700qm/ total 4.500qm) POLYRACK AG, Urdorf, Schweiz.

1994 plant expansionExpansion of plant one. (4.000qm/ total 8.500qm).

1996 Systems TechnologyExpansion about the new business line Systems Technology.

2000 Expansion Systems TechnologyExpansion / move Systems Technology to Ittersbach, Germany. (3.600qm/ total 12.100qm).

2006 POLYRACK USAPOLYRACK North America Corp., USA

2007 Plant two RAPP KunststofftechnikPlant two RAPP Kunststofftechnik GmbH. (9.100qm/ total 21.200qm).

2008 First office building in the USAFirst office building POLYRACK North America Corp., USA (1.400qm/ total 22.600qm).

2009 POLYRACK ChinaPOLYRACK Science and Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China.

2010 econ solutionsecon solutions GmbH, Straubenhardt, Germany.

2012 Expansion econ solutionsExpansion / move econ solutions GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany.

2013 Expansion Plant 4Expansion of the Mechanical Production to Plant 4, Ettlingen, Germany.

(4.400 qm / Total 23.900 qm)


The POLYRACK Electronic-Aufbausysteme GmbH was founded in 1979 by Horst Rapp as the first company of the POLYRACK TECH-GROUP. Horst Rapp, who graduated in mechanical engineering and business administration, was previously executive assistant to the board of directors of a large jewelry company, but saw better prospects in the field of electronics. What began in Straubenhardt-Conweiler with just one man is today a company whose success story is now in the hands of over 250 employees. At the same time, it is the story of an impressive development from a pure manufacturing service provider to a turnkey supplier, whose service portfolio ranges from engineering and design to the final product.

The expansion of POLYRACK TECH-GROUP's area of competence has opened up new growth opportunities in the international arena. The challenges of globalization were perceived and seized as an opportunity. Here, the independent subsidiary in Rhode Island, USA, plays a particularly important role. It was set up in 2006 and within a very short period of time has been able to establish itself in this promising market, operating since January 2008 out of its new company premises. With the new building in Straubenhardt, which was also completed in 2006, and the consolidation of the separate companies under one umbrella, the POLYRACK TECH-GROUP sees itself well positioned for the tasks to come. At the end of 2008 POLYRACK Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in Shenzhen, China.

Yet, despite all the new developments and changes, we always like to emphasize the fact that we are and remain a family business that will continue this tradition also into the next generation. Deeply rooted in the region. An advocate for the people of the region.