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The econ solutions GmbH has been founded in 2001 as one of the companies of the POLYRACK TECH-GROUP and stands for professional an simultaneously intuitive operable solutions for operational energy management. The astonishing simple system "econ" makes all energy data evaluable and thereby usable. The so achieved transparency enables significant reductions of energy costs. The continuous principle of the "simplicity of application" guides the continued advancement of the product range of hard- and software plus distribution and counseling. More than 400 customers trust in the products and employees of econ solutions thereunder industrial concerns, branch organizations or infrastructural


The energy data collection system "econ" provides contemporary detailed and intuitive comprehensible analyses of all consumption data as electricity, gas, water or district heating. The core is the web based energy management software econ app. With merely three clicks users get process, consumption and cost reports in different hierarchic structures and aggregation level. The code-based analyses are the basis to identify and raise possible savings directly. With the integrated documentation assistant the software supports an operational energy management according to DIN EN ISO 50001 and at once is conform to this norm. The sensor econ sens+ measures detailed the wattage. econ unit serves as data logger and buffer for the measured data from econ sens+ as well as from further energy meters, counters, probes and sensors. The data transfer happens via the standardized network protocol to the central data storage at the virtual server econ serv. Through the integration of further data origins like process / building control system, ERP-systems and systems of machine and operating data logging, econ ensures an integrated and blanket energy management from the data capture to the data storage.


econ solutions is a member of the initiative of German enterprises for energy efficiency "Deutsche Unternehmensinitiative Energieeffizienz e.V." (www.deneff.de) and as well as of the Energy Efficiency Export Initiative, which is supported by German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. In 2011 econ solutions has been awarded as a winner at the competition „365 places in the land of ideas“.        


// The econ formula
By means of the econ formula companies can determine their savings potential and payback period on their econ system. Practical experience of companies and organizations of divers dimension and sector show:
     - Investment nonrecurring: 3% of the energy costs
     - Savings annual: 5% of the energy costs
     - Payback period of the econ system: less than 1 year

// Facts

Foundation: 2010

GM: Dr. Stephan Theis, Andreas Rapp
Employees: 15


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econ solutions GmbH

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